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David Syre

Lives: Bellingham, Washington - USA Born: 1940.
David Syre is an American artist whose large-scale acrylic paintings, drawings, sculptures, and art installations are inspired by travel, his subconscious mind and nature.
David Syre has exhibited internationally, including Nice, France, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bellingham, Washington for the opening of Gallery Syre, New York City, and Hamburg, Germany. Currently, he is showing in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Syre is working on several interdisciplinary projects including The Peace Trail in Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent and a large-scale art installation titled We Are One.


"A Moving Ona"

Acryl på lærred

122 x 122 cm

Kr. 19.500,-



Acryl på lærred

61 x 122 cm

Kr. 14.500,-


"Imagine Japanese Flowers"

Acryl på lærred

102 x 102 cm

Kr. 16.000,-

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